Ohio Roads - Future US 62, Alliance

Future US 62, Alliance (OH 62F)

Once upon a time, New Jersey designated proposed freeways with an "F" appended to the route number. Thus unbuilt NJ 14 was referred to as "14-F". I'm fairly certain that's what Ohio has done in this case, as the otherwise unnumbered freeway is technically designated OH 62F. It has a stub end at OH 225, where it would continue east as either a freeway or four-lane divided highway to the outskirts of Salem and tie into deserted Youngstown-Salem Rd. at OH 14.

The only button copy I spied, WB approaching OH 173 where the freeway picks up US 62 (for now) but loses grade separation.

EB at the stub end of the freeway as I get forced up the ramp to OH 225.

From OH 225 (NB), the freeway is signed as if it were US 62. It's definitely the best route TO 62 from this area, but definitely not 62.

The WB onramp would have been part of a folded diamond, and the would-be WB offramp is fully paved alongside it until their separation point in the last photo. The first two photos look back toward OH 225.

Taking some time on the WB stub beginning.

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