Ohio Roads - OH 57

OH 57

SB in Medina courtesy Doug Kerr. I now have a page for all four routes that are together here; OH 3 and 18 run around in a square together but US 42 and OH 57 both are only on the west side of it.

NB in Elyria, courtesy John Krakoff. OH 57 now bypasses the city instead of going through it, and OH 113 completes the last 2 miles of the bypass before rejoining its original alignment.

SB heading toward Elyria, courtesy Doug Kerr. OH 57 just passed I-90/OH 2, where there was already an opportunity to head west on I-90 to the next Turnpike interchange, thus saving money. But let's not give hints if they cost the Turnpike, eh?

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