Ohio Roads - OH 534

OH 534

All photos are courtesy Doug Kerr and southbound.

Older shields in Geneva, heading south from US 20. In the old style of Ohio shield, the Michigan boundary was moved north to be across from the northeastern tip of the state. Other liberties were taken along the Ohio River to make the shape smoother and give more room to the digits inside the shield. New shields have geographically correct outlines with much less room inside.

An Ohio historic sign of indeterminable age in the area of the I-90 interchange. It is embossed, but I'm not sure Ohio stopped making these in this fashion. If it's old, it's been repainted.

There's no question that this sign isn't very old (see the 1998 in the bottom left corner), but it's introducing something much older. This covered bridge is on Harpersfield Rd., the old alignment of OH 534 and thus the original north-south road through here. Now, it's just Ashtabula CR 154, and as OH 534 comes out of Geneva as Broadway on the path of the original Harpersfield Rd., it veers east from I-90 to a newer crossing of the Grand River. Then 534 sweeps back west, picking up the bottom of CR 154, and settles into a north-south alignment again.

Southbound along the truss that's mentioned on the historical marker, up to the new cantilevered pedestrian walkway. Have you done your reading?

Looking around the southern end of the bridge. It's among the higher-rated covered bridges (weight limit wise) in the country.

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