Ohio Roads - OH 51/2

OH 51 and 2/51

NB from the beginning of the route across Portage River to the OH 2 multiplex in east Toledo. After passing the Turnpike, Fremont St. is signed as if there's another chance to get back. I don't see how that works, so there must be a U-turn involved somewhere. The next sign is at Toledo St. where OH 51 turns left.

SB photos because button copy.

OH 51 NB/OH 2 WB, picking up OH 65 NB to cross the Anthony Wayne Bridge over the Maumee River. In the middle of this photo run is a video that you can click on to drive across the bridge (at night, because I love you).

SB/EB across the bridge.

The best I could do on a snowy night to get you some NB signs in Toledo proper.

It was even harder to get SB photos, because I wasn't going that direction, but you can see one reflective sign mixed among the non-reflective ones. It was probably a repair for a damaged sign as opposed to a scheduled replacement.

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