Ohio Roads - OH 421/old US 42

OH 421, former US 42

Lodi was bypassed in 1959 and US 42 became OH 421 through its heart. This is the west end, and to economize on route maintenance, ODOT decided to send OH 421 down old US 224 instead of old US 42 so that it would junction both routes, leaving a couple of miles of Lodi Rd. decommissioned to the southwest.

This hearty arch occurs just as OH 421 EB joins old US 42 into town.

WB at same. OH 421 turns so quickly that the arrow in the back is a turn in Lodi Rd. beyond it.

If you're a true roadgeek, the first thing you noticed in the first photo is the "one way" sign with no arrow, not the 1866 Walcott Building. The "one way" applies to Ainsworth St., the road heading through the parking lot to the left, so it should have an arrow to the left.

WB at the eastern village limit.

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