Ohio Roads - OH 41/OH 125

OH 41 and OH 41/125

OH 41 SB at its end in Aberdeen. I took the photo for the distance and the wide US 52 shield (completely out of place with the other signs, though I bet there were once similar US 62 and US 68 one-piece signs instead), and then noticed a little building sign hiding in the background. Back in the 1970s, people knew only one way to get that sticky, lime-green shine on their rides.

OH 247 SB creates an unwieldy concurrency in West Union with unwieldy signs.

OH 247 left pretty quickly, so these photos are from OH 41 NB/OH 125 EB. The 2nd photo is the Wilson Children's Home, looking east on Mulberry St.

Trust me, there's an OH 41 shield to the left, but it's normal. This West Union photo is courtesy John Krakoff.

OH 41 NB joins US 22, US 62, and OH 3 east around the Washington Court House court house of Washington Court House.

SB in Springfield but heading east with a NB road.

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