Ohio Roads - OH 4/US 40

OH 4 and OH 4/US 40

Conservation of bolts, SB in Cincinnati.

NB at Exit 41 of the Cinci beltway courtesy John Krakoff and Lou Corsaro respectively.

SB in the same spot, both courtesy Lou Corsaro. Seems like something's missing from the first sign.

Private sign in Fairfield, courtesy Lou Corsaro. It looks better than some of the modern ODOT efforts.

Until 2011, OH 4 WB exited itself at Valley St. (OH 201) and went through downtown Dayton instead of bypassing it. Since this 2004 John Krakoff photo, the shields atop this ramp sign were replaced with newer ones and then the OH 4 was removed.

OH 4 NB with I-70 EB, courtesy Doug Kerr.

US 40 and OH 4 start off a duplex in Springfield, and then when OH 41 joins facing the opposite direction, OH 4 wants out. It keeps Columbia Ave. a bit longer and heads north on Lagonda Ave., underneath the US 40 overpass of the railroad spur. US 40 then returns to the National Road, which has been a block to the south the whole time as Main St. (occasionally WB-only; the EB counterpart, High St., then becomes OH 41 on the east side of the city).

OH 4 SB/I-70 WB.

The last photo is again SB, with OH 19/100 in Bucyrus, courtesy Bill Donovan.

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