Ohio Roads - OH 39

OH 39

OH 39 NB and SB, courtesy Bill Donovan. The SB side may not have button copy, but it doesn't have forethought, either. Apparently OH 39 runs north-south west of Mansfield, because it's definitely east-west the rest of the way to where it meets US 30 all over again.

Trust me, there's button copy down where OH 39 EB turns onto OH 7 NB.

W. 8th St. WB at US 30/OH 11, which just picked up OH 39 WB from the 30 WB/11 NB offramp. The intersection looks like a half-cloverleaf to the west along OH 7/39, but three of the four ramps allow turns in both directions (i.e. along W. 8th St.), which also allows movements to and from OH 267. The only ramp that doesn't serve East Liverpool is the 30 EB/11 SB offramp.

US 62 and OH 39/US 62
Onto OH 7 NB and OH 39/7 EB/NB
Onto OH 7 SB and OH 39/7 WB/SB
US 30/OH 11 and OH 39/US 30/OH 11

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