Ohio Roads - OH 32/OH 7

OH 32 and OH 7/32

EB, courtesy H.B. Elkins; you can see where the original cutout shields were.

OH 32/US 50 EB and OH 7 NB approaching the Blennerhassett Island Bridge, where US 50 will part ways.

Continuing northeast past the Parkersburg Memorial Toll Bridge to the end of the OH 7 concurrency. I wonder what OH 32 and 618 are patched over, and why it looks like there was a patch on the arrow below, and the strange appearance of the center sign - I wonder about a lot of things here. I wonder if Belpre ran out of food.

OH 618 WB at OH 32 and the toll bridge, which has no route number but costs money. There are other ways to cross, including the one you saw above and one you'll see shortly, that are close, free, and at least as useful.

OH 32 WB/OH 618 EB at the same place. This shield backed the first one above, and that assembly is now gone, but the one on the right side of the SB approach appears to still be alive.

Signs old and odd pointing onto the bridge. How tall do they think pedestrians are?

OH 32 WB and OH 618 EB head north, splitting the difference, on Main St. in Belpre. The clearance signs are just wacky here.

The railroad bridge intrigued me, so I went toward the water on Florence St. to snag some better views.

The other benefit of exploring Florence St. is better views of the Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge, the local free alternative crossing to WV and the one that happens to carry OH 32. It does surprise me the toll bridge manages to stay in business now that through traffic is all using US 50 to the south, whereas prior to then through traffic followed OH 618 onto the Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge, which undoubtedly led to congestion.

I spy, with my little eye, WV trying to suck you in from Ohio. It looks so welcoming! See more of this bridge on the WV 68 page.

OH 32 begins heading west on the Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge. I'm not sure if Business US 50 really exists or ever existed here, since OH 618 is the old road on this side and WV 618 takes care of the other side.

A photo and a clickable video to take you east into welcoming WV.

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