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inside I-270


That's the King Ave. bridge, just before the exit to Cannon Dr. and Ohio State University.

The last two photos are on the exit ramp. The "6" in the front left of the last photo is a milepost that resets at each county line. OH 315 starts in Franklin County, so this is also MP 6 of the freeway.

OH 315 runs along the Olentangy River, joins Olentangy River Rd. north of I-270, and you already saw an exit for it above, so it makes sense that they remain close to each other all the way up.

This is mounted on the OH 161 overpass. There's no other exit from here to I-270 (and never was), so what possible purpose does this sign serve? Once you see it, you're already committed to OH 315 NB.

Continuing down the exit to I-270 EB, avoiding the brewing storm. US 23 is the next exit to the east (Exit 23, coincidentally), hence the advance warning that it's coming up in just mile (or 12 ILE, as it were). Notice that the black EXIT ONLY border accidentally extends around the bottom of the sign - it's as if the sign were modified to include the ONLY, and instead of cutting the bottom border in half, they (the generic "they" that we [the generic we] blame for everything) ripped off the entire button copy strip and laid a new reflective one on in its place. Sandor Gulyas tells me they made the sign that way, which is even worse.

The last photo is up the OH 161 ramp.

The last photo is up the I-670 EB ramp, which then flies over and heads east as a short connector. I-670 angles southwest from here, which is why there's such a distance between the EB and WB I-670 exits.

The last photo, courtesy John Krakoff, is from a bygone era before the I-670 interchange was reconstructed, trailblazing to the next interchange in a manner consistent with the signs for the final (I-70/71) interchange. It still would have been nice to see an OH 315 shield thrown in there somewhere.

The last two overhead photos (i.e., ignore the "EXIT" sign in the last photo) are on the left and right of the same gantry.
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