Ohio Roads - OH 315 - N. of I-270

north of I-270

SB just before the I-270 overpass and the start of the OH 315 freeway through west Columbus.

SB at Olentangy Valley Center and looking left at the old entrance median sign.

Walking east across the former Orange Rd. bridge, which lines up perfectly with Orange Rd. to the east, as expected. It's on the National Register of Historic Places, so hopefully that means it will be here for future generations to enjoy.

Looking north and south along the Olentangy River, with the new bridge in the first photo.

Heading back west to OH 315. There appear to be traces of two prior generations of stripes on the north side of the bridge; the EB photos above look like there's at least one generation present. The white stripes have faded past yellow to brown.

Looking south from the current Orange Rd. to the former one.

Farther north, looking east across the river at the piers and east abutment of the former Winter Rd. bridge, adorned by an intrepid Canadian goose.

On the west abutment, easily accessed from OH 315.

Looking north and south at the stub of where OH 315 once bore off of US 23 to head south and slightly west. As you see in the first photo, Stratford Rd. was once directly across from the OH 315/US 23 intersection (and was original US 23 to the north until the 1950s), but now they are separate, closely spaced "T" intersections.

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