Ohio Roads - OH 3/US 62

OH 3 and 3/US 62

All photos are southbound unless otherwise stated (especially when I start walking around in Columbus).

All the shields in Medina are the same width, and that's too wide. The four routes meet in the center of town to trade partners, first photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

The signal in the first photo was replaced and the needed OH 18 shield replaced the OH 3.

Original to the freeway, I'm sure, also from Doug.

Of the same vintage, northbound and courtesy John Krakoff.

SB at the bypass of Wooster, courtesy Doug Kerr. I'm sure that despite my fervent wishes, this TO assembly is actually on OH 3 and actually joins OH 83, and therefore isn't a TO at all.

OH 3 NB with US 30/US 250 EB around Wooster just before 3 swaps off to OH 83 (the upcoming exit), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The end of OH 768 NB. Ohio doesn't control shield widths very well, and it looks ridiculous for a one-digit route.

Into Mt. Vernon, home of old signs and misshapen shields. OH 13 has the correct Lake Erie boundary, and OH 229 has the correct Ohio River boundary.

OH 3 turns onto Broad St. in Columbus and clings onto US 62 all the way to Washington Court House. Here's where OH 3 and US 62 turn off of US 40 at the state Capitol and onto US 33 past the former Post Office and Federal courthouse.

Unisigns, looking north on Front St. from Main St. (US 62/OH 3 EB/NB).

The Rich St. (foreground, WB/SB) and Main St. (background, EB/NB) OH 3/US 62 bridges over the Scioto River west of downtown Columbus. The Main St. bridge, already open in 2010, is the first inclined arch span in the United States, first of its particular kind structurally in the world, and also the first in the world to allow both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

More southwestward views, taken in May 2011.

Looking northeast from the other side of the river. Rather than run 2-way traffic on the Main St. bridge, ODOT temporarily diverted WB/SB traffic onto I-70/I-71.

Views from that side of Rich St. bridge construction.

Looking south from there at a railroad truss.

A pair of historical signs, the second one more interesting than the first.

A different perspective, looking northeast from the west riverbank with the railroad truss in the foreground and the other bridges in the background.

OH 315 ends just south of here, so there's no need to sign it. The last three photos are on the OH 315 SB frontage road (Plato Dr.) for the interchange and up the onramp.

One last NB photo (US 62 EB).

SB until US 62/OH 3 stop paralleling US 40 on the west side of Columbus.

Assorted photos leaving Columbus down to Washington Court House. Can you spot the two errors? One's not so easy - hint, it's in the last photo and consists of a black square background. Pretty good hint.

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