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OH 289

New ugly reassurance in Youngstown, courtesy Bill Donovan. Besides the font and the size, there's one major problem - this is OH 289, not US 289, which would be somewhere out in the Rockies. It may have been rooted out and tossed before I got there in 2008.

WB past Belmont Ave., not a left turn at all but just a kink in Rayen Ave. So the straight arrow shouldn't have been erased from the advance lane assignment sign, since now it seems like there are only two valid directions of travel. On the next corner down (North Ave.) is the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite, very much reflecting a Russian Orthodox style but not an Orthodox church.

This 1950's white sign directed traffic staying on Rayen Ave. to jog left across a complicated intersection with Federal St., ending up on the left side of a railroad spur that once crossed through the middle of the X-shaped intersection. When this sign was erected, the Madison Ave. Expressway didn't exist yet, so what's now OH 289 was still US 422. OH 289 ended on the east side of town, where it now bumps off of 422 and uses the old route while 422 gets the new route.

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