Ohio Roads - OH 264/US 50

and US 50/OH 264

OH 264 WB follows State Ave. as it leaves US 50 and bounces off of Warsaw Ave. at the end of the Waldvogel Viaduct. This is a more recent development, by which I mean 20th-century, because originally there was no Elberon Ave. or Warsaw Ave. extension reaching this point, and certainly no Waldvogel Viaduct (until 1940). Mt. Hope Ave. and the now mostly defunct Maryland Ave. served their purposes.

OH 264 EB coming down State Ave. and joining its final concurrency (after having begun at US 50 in the first place). If you're wondering what the shield once looked like in the first photo, see the second photo. If you're wondering what the old version of the US 50 sign looked like behind the new sign, I can't help you.

US 50/OH 264 EB on the 6th St. Expressway.

The 6th St. Expressway WB, starting from the US 50 merge that comes in from I-71/75, and by the time you get to the Elberon/Warsaw Ave. exit you're no longer on the expressway. What happened? For a short distance west of the end of Mehring Way, US 50/OH 264 were constructed over the original beginning of the Waldvogel Viaduct. That's what you see in the last photo, where the highways drop down in the median and disappear along River Rd. while the unnumbered viaduct winds on into the background, ending at the hillside with Maryland Avenue houses in the background.

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