Ohio Roads - OH 25/US 20/US 24

OH 25, OH 25/US 20, OH 25/US 24

Overly wide shield on OH 25 SB/US 20 EB. OH 25 turns right, US 20 bears left.

NB in the same spot, then looking south along OH 65. I'm a little more forgiving of detour shields, and this one looks like it was grabbed from a conic projection.

OH 25 comes in with US 20 and leaves with US 24 in downtown Maumee. Trying to figure out how to divide the theatre photos between US 20 and US 24 is why I just gave up and bundled everything onto the OH 25 page.

OH 25 SB/US 24 WB approaching the intersection. Not sure why it warrants an overhead, but that means button copy, so click for closeup.

Northbound at I-75 Exit 201A, courtesy John Krakoff. It's a split exit, so while Erie St. serves the south side of the interchange, OH 25 serves the north side. The last two photos turn east onto Collingwood Blvd. (toward Erie St.).

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(check the shield)
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