Ohio Roads - OH 241

OH 241

3rd St. NB in Massillon.

SB with OH 172 WB through downtown Massillon. The corner building where OH 241 turns left is McClymond's, which you can see in the closeup on the 172 page (linked at bottom).

Both of these are NB. But between them (and much closer to the second photo in East Akron) is a little traffic circle outside a little airport with a lot of history.

This is the original terminal building at Akron Fulton Airport, now an administration building. There's nothing terribly special about the airport itself, just general aviation for the city, but the building clearly has a lot of importance and value in its intricacy. So what warranted such an elaborate design?

Here is the original home of Goodyear, which still has its corporate headquarters in Akron. The Goodyear hangar seen here has held blimps since 1929 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Not bad for something that looks like an inflatable cannoli. (I have a better view on my page for OH 764, which heads west from the circle.)

OH 241 SB used to exit the circle here and continue around the east side of the airport. It can't do that anymore because the main runway was lengthened, so it now uses Triplett Blvd. and the new George Washington Blvd. The best remaining piece of the old road is on the other side behind the University of Akron football field, where the old concrete is cracking through the asphalt in front of the giant word "AKRON" (visible to approaching aircraft). Of further interest is that the field's service road at least appears to be, if not in fact is, a former small craft runway.

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