Ohio Roads - OH 21

OH 21

NB and then SB on former US 21 while multiplexed with current EB and then WB US 62.

NB on the expressway in Massillon, which passes through downtown alongside the Tuscarawas River, courtesy Doug Kerr. There are a few traffic signals here, for example at Walnut St., so that when you see the JUNCTION sign you're not immediately sure whether it's a ramp or an intersection (in this case, the latter).

Past Canal Fulton, again courtesy Doug Kerr; clearly, Great Lakes Blvd. was constructed well before median safety standards were considered.

For some reason, I-77 couldn't take over the old US 21 alignment (the newer old one - the two-lane is still there) from Strasburg to Fairlawn, but finally they meet again. OH 21 duplexes for 11 miles before leaving as a surface street for the suburbs of Cleveland. Because Ohio loves button copy, there are more OH 21 photos to be found on that concurrency via the big link below. The one photo that's much larger is courtesy John Krakoff, and the rest are from Doug.

Southbound and courtesy Bill Donovan on that aforementioned surface street. The first shield is brand-ugly-new from the reconstruction of the I-80/OH 21 interchange to finally include direct connections with I-77. The second is where OH 21 joins the north end of the I-77 duplex. The I-77 shield has button-copy numerals, which you can see by squinting a bit, and the OH 21 shield has an arrow dating at least to the 1960's. Obviously there have been older assemblies here.

Up top, I said OH 21 is former US 21. That means all the old shields got removed, which made it possible for me to acquire this one.

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