Ohio Roads - OH 2/I-90

I-90/OH 2

Western concurrency

WB courtesy Doug Kerr. Exit 145 had been a full cloverleaf, but the NB-WB and SB-EB loops were removed to improve weaves. That doesn't explain why the WB-SB loop is signed as plain Exit 145 at the gore instead of 145A.

EB at the same exit. Sorry that I cut the I-90 shield out of one photo, but I make up for it with the sign that directs OH 2 traffic back to the Turnpike, where they can then head west and pick up I-90 WB (since it was an EB/EB merge only). I'm sure that's more expensive than using Exit 145B and making a left to return west on (still free for a bit) I-90. Then again, Ohio's missing out on revenue by not letting people know they can get to I-80 EB that way as well (see the WB photo above).

OH 254, old OH 2, EB at I-90/OH 2 Exit 148 and then just past there at OH 301. LCCC is Lorain County Community College.

WB courtesy Doug Kerr.
Eastern concurrency

Westbound in Cleveland on the more heavily traveled duplex, courtesy Doug Kerr. This is also the more famous one, because it ends at Dead Man's Curve. I've mentioned that name enough on the OH 2 page, and the last photo gives you an idea of why it's called that. You can click on the last photo for a newer version that replaces part of the OH 2 sign (and takes away one sign from OH 2 WB) but better shows the light-up chevrons installed along the curve. At 35 MPH, Dead Man's Curve is way substandard for the mainline of an Interstate (it wasn't supposed to be the mainline - see commentary on the OH 2 page "between I-90 concurrencies," linked at bottom) - and the connector from OH 2 to I-271 at the eastern end of the multiplex isn't much better. Both ends of the multiplex favor OH 2 as the through route at least in theory, since that was the original road along Lake Erie, but the lane balance tends to favor I-90. I-71 is signed as being multiplexed with I-90, when it should be signed TO I-71 SOUTH. Now that I've finished typing all that, notice the California-style distance sign in the very first photo.

EB, first three photos courtesy John Krakoff and last two courtesy Doug Kerr.

OH 283 WB courtesy Doug Kerr.

Signage from Doug on St. Clair Ave. EB (first photo) and turning onto Neff Rd. NB (second photo) at I-90/OH 2 Exit 182. Exit 182 is the dividing line between each side of the freeway having a two-way frontage road (west of the interchange) to each side having a one-way frontage road (east of the interchange); the EB Exit 182 loop interrupts Waterloo Rd., the southern frontage road.

WB just after I-90 and OH 2 WB come together courtesy Doug Kerr.

Continuing EB, dropping down to the frontage road for photos #3 and 5 (out of 5). The one between them is courtesy Doug Kerr but taken by Brian LeBlanc, and the rest are courtesy John Krakoff.

Up to the split at the eastern end of the duplex, first photo courtesy John Krakoff and second photo courtesy Brian LeBlanc via Doug Kerr.
OH 2 between I-90 concurrencies
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