Ohio Roads - OH 2 - E. of I-90

OH 2 east of I-90

Here's a WB ride ending on the ramp to I-90 EB. The 3rd photo is courtesy John Krakoff and the rest are courtesy Doug Kerr. John gave me a closeup of the left sign in the 4th photo, which you can see by clicking on it.

More WB button copy, almost all that's left of it now in this area. Given ongoing construction at the time, it may all be gone now.

OH 91 SB at that interchange.

OH 91 NB.

Now let's go eastbound for an exit.

OH 640 EB courtesy Doug Kerr.

And let's keep going EB for the rest of my photos in that direction.

One WB exit, ending with a Doug Kerr photo on the ramp of an unusually designed shield. It's not even necessary, because there's no other option than to turn right.

Westbound from the east end of the freeway and OH 2 in Painesville, courtesy Doug Kerr.

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