Ohio Roads - OH 2/US 6/US 20 - Between I-90

OH 2 between I-90 concurrencies, OH 2/US 6/US 20

The unwieldy triplex of the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, EB. US 42 begins at the eastern end, and ODOT would like to remind you it only goes SOUTH from here. Also, on occasion, they would like to forget to remind you that the next exit is not in fact for US 6 WEST, because we are already on 6 EAST. Please, don't think US 42 is an afterthought.

WB, starting with one photo courtesy Lou Corsaro just before US 6/20 merge, then along the Shoreway, then ending with another photo from Lou on the ramp leaving US 6. Just west of here, OH 2 is tied up with I-90 out to Lorain, which you can see via a different big link at bottom.

W. 25th St. SB, Cleveland.

The Main Ave. Bridge over the Cuyahoga River, seen from Elm Ave. WB in Cleveland's The Flats neighborhood. This 1939 bridge was supposed to have I-90 on it; I-90 would have connected to its current alignment at Exit 168 (the existing exits are 167 and 169, and I-90 has a wide median between them). The Parma Freeway would have continued south to I-71 Exit 244, which is now a concrete-laden stub to Denison Ave., and possibly farther south than that. Now, instead, I-90 follows Dead Man's Curve in a sharp 90-degree turn southward, then jumps west again at I-490. Had all gone as planned, instead of Dead Man's Curve there would have been a more conventional interchange with I-71/I-77 - 71 continuing north from where it now ends - and 490 would have extended west a little more. (490 should have extended much farther east as well, but that's unrelated. See the I-490 page if because you're interested.)

Heading north from there on Main Ave., the bridge's namesake that runs directly underneath. Nautica is the name of the entertainment complex along Main Ave. but it sure seems like a construction warning to buy expensive clothes.

Back south on Main Ave.

Alternate views looking north from the west end of Superior Ave.

I continue EB across that bridge, looking south at what became the I-90 bridge, and into Cleveland. The keep left/right sign at E. 9th St. is on the onramp from W. 3rd St. There's not much room at all during that weave.

Same vicinity, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Heading west on OH 2 along the would-be I-90 stretch, west of Dead Man's Curve, courtesy Doug Kerr.

E. 9th St. NB at that particular exit, again from Doug.

Back onto the highway, eastbound to the interchange that features Dead Man's Curve and right on up to the merge. Take out the "WEST I-90 TO" and you have what the sign would look like if just 1 more mile of freeway had been built. In case you're wondering, I'm not duplicating photos; there are two entrances to the parking lot.

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