Ohio Roads - OH 2

OH 2

Newton St. NB at OH 2/Broadway St., Toledo.

OH 2 west of I-90
 ~ OH 51 and OH 2/51

I-90/OH 2 (twice)

OH 2 between I-90 concurrencies and OH 2/US 6/US 20

OH 2 east of I-90

Winslow Ave. SB at Washington Ave. in "The Flats" of Cleveland, then Washington Ave. at W. 25th St. These signs are now gone, Washington Ave. is now one-way EB from 25th St., and their intersection (with Main Ave.) is now signalized.

Into Indiana on SR 37
To I-90 and I-80/90, the Ohio Turnpike
To I-80 alone
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