Ohio Roads - OH 176

OH 176, Jennings Freeway

Ghent Rd. NB, former OH 176, leading away from OH 18, has this original Ohio Turnpike trailblazer with rotating arrow along with other assorted button copy. Depending on where the screws are drilled, the shield can point anywhere you need. OH 176 used to duplex with OH 21 on the former US 21 alignment north from Ghent to Richfield, where it now begins. Photos courtesy Bill Donovan.

Ghent Rd. SB; OH 21 should be on the overheads as duplexed with I-77, so the TO is superfluous. Of course, the signs could predate OH 21 being moved onto I-77. Photos again courtesy Bill Donovan.

Don't worry, Cleveland isn't honoring attempted assassins, the Hinckley Industrial Parkway was already there. It may be named after his ancestors, though. Jennings Freeway is a short link between I-480 and I-71, and doesn't do much I-77 doesn't do just to the east. It should at least be 671 instead of 176 (restoring 176 to surface streets), and Interstate Highway instead of State Route. These are all NB, and the last photo is on the ramp of course.

Finishing the NB photos, including one taken underneath I-71 NB; OH 176 NB and I-71 NB end simultaneously at the I-90/I-490 interchange, while the SB sides stay next to each other. Click on the first photo to see it before all the new signs were added in, courtesy John Krakoff.

Taking the rightmost exit in the NB run above to 14th St., going around the roundabout, and coming back toward OH 176 SB, courtesy Doug Kerr. The right branch joins the I-71 SB C-D road for Pearl Rd. (US 42) and Fulton Rd.

Starting off SB just after OH 176 starts to break away from I-71, ending once again on the ramp.

Continuing SB, following the freeway to its end at I-480 after 176 exits.

If you stay on OH 176, there's one more button copy sign associated with the Jennings Freeway as OH 176 joins OH 17 to jog back to its old alignment.

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