Ohio Roads - OH 172

Old signs leaving Massillon. The second one appears to be in the old Ohio font of the 1970s and before.

WB at the Tuscarawas River, and looking south at the connector ramp to OH 21 with a sign of old design. OH 21 comes into Massillon as a freeway from the north and retains expressway status along the river (some lights, no driveways).

WB with OH 241 through downtown Massillon. The first photo is on 3rd St. NE northbound.

Many of the overhead street signs are button copy in Perry Heights. These are some of the EB ones.

And these are some of the WB ones.

Old EB arrows in Canton, but with the rest of the assemblies since replaced. The arrows date to the 1950s or 1960s and probably had cutouts above them originally. The second photo is at OH 43.

Here's a WB sign of old vintage where the rest of the assembly wasn't replaced.

Quaint touches abound in the historic downtown. The second photo looks north on brick Market St.

Looking south along High Street at the end of the next block, 2nd St. SW.

Leaving Canton EB across Nimishillen Creek. Sometimes the bridge is okay, sometimes it's not. Clearly this dates back to the Lincoln Highway days.

Speaking of which, if I'm very fortunate, this also dates back to the Lincoln Highway days, as early as the 1910s. There have been various efforts to provide historic trailblazing since the 1970s, so this could be only 40 years old instead of 90, but one of the encouraging aspects is that this, like the originals, is painted on a telephone pole. Most recreations don't go that route. If you'd like to take a look for yourself, seek out St. Benedict Catholic Church.

Lou Corsaro was even more fortunate, in that he passed through East Canton during daytime, and thus was able to spot this definitely original Lincoln Highway marker.

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