Ohio Roads - OH 161

Hamilton Rd. SB.

The last two photos are on the left and right sides of the same gantry. OH 710 begins just west of the I-71 interchange.

The oldest EB signs are on the northeast side of Columbus. The last photo is courtesy John Krakoff.

Another Krakoff special, the 1992 version of the first photo in the previous run that probably goes with the distance and OH 3 signs.

The last photo is on the Hamilton Rd. offramp.

The last one isn't button copy, but it shows that Ohio is slow to get with the times and adopt the county pentagon consistently. But wait, that's not a county route at all - it's a township route! I'm surprised that people use these numbers enough to warrant them being signed - chances are, they don't, and ODOT goofed by including it just because it's part of the technical definition of Beech Rd.

Either there's not much westbound button copy east of I-270, or because I was a passenger during a road meet, my opportunities for reverse photography were limited. The latter is more plausible.

There are a few things missing from the junction sign...

The oldest sign in this direction happens to be on the northwest side of Columbus.
US 33 west of Columbus and OH 161/US 33

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