Ohio Roads - OH 14

OH 14

All photos eastbound except the first one that's mine.

14th St. SB (or S-East in old Ohio speak) passing under I-90, courtesy Doug Kerr. Also ahead, but not mentioned on the sign, are US 422 and OH 8, on Orange Ave. Also to the left, again not mentioned, is Community College Ave. (which becomes, and may have once been, Quincy Ave.).

The first one that's mine, WB above I-490.

Two of the unique signs in Ohio, both eastbound at the same complicated intersection, both again courtesy Doug Kerr. It's sort of a traffic circle/rotary, but OH 14 EB underpasses Ella Ave., and Turney Rd. is two-way along the west side. In the first photo, it seems that the messages on the signs could be changed, but this is just a fantastically old way of constructing BGS's. The second photo, taken by Brian LeBlanc but coming to me via Doug, is no less fantastic or old - it's one of the last remnants of the bi-directional Ohio signage for diagonal routes. Apparently the legends, including the shield, were painted directly on the sign.

EB at and then on the trumpet from OH 14 onto I-480 at Exit 23, first photo courtesy John Krakoff and second photo Doug Kerr. Early Cleveland freeway plans had the Bedford Freeway coming north from this exit to I-90 between I-77 and I-271, crossing the unbuilt extension of I-490 eastward. Later plans had I-80N (now I-480) continuing north from this point, with 271 turning west on what's now the rest of I-480, and then turning west onto the original proposed 490 alignment. Instead, the freeways of eastern Cleveland are entirely unbuilt within the 480-77-90-271 frame, leaving the I-490 stub and this long glorified exit ramp.

OH 14 EB merges with I-271, then diverges and follows I-480 out to I-80, where it continues on alone once more. Old OH 14, Ravenna Rd., continues on for most of the distance as a local alternative to the Interstate. First photo courtesy Doug Kerr, second photo courtesy Bill Donovan.

OH 14 WB (though the direction isn't signed) and I-271 NB/I-480 WB, all courtesy Doug Kerr.

OH 14 EB follows all of I-480 EB east of I-271. Here are some highlights: squished shields, button copy, and a bridge that hints at a future widening.

Coming off that freeway, OH 303 EB joins and quickly leaves OH 14 in Streetsboro. Notice that both overheads are old turn signs.

Lake Rockwell, part of the Cuyahoga River.

This old railroad overpass is just east of OH 14T, a "temporary" route assigned to the northern bypass of Salem. Right now it's a four-lane divided highway to nowhere, at least helping US 62 avoid downtown, but the plan would seem to be completing it east to OH 14 and removing this route from downtown Salem as well.

EB at OH 46 and OH 164 in close succession in Columbiana. OH 14 has no interchange with OH 11 so it relies on these two routes for help.

This barn past OH 7 must certainly date to 1880, though even in this condition, I'd think it has been reroofed since then.

Ugly detour sign on OH 165 SB in Unity (Michigan must be putting a lot of pressure on Ohio), and then heading toward PA. If it's black on white, it must be old, right?

US 422 and OH 14/8/US 422

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