Ohio Roads - OH 13

OH 13

OH 13 SB at US 22/OH 668 in Somerset.

Spot the shield differences!

Various views of a former railroad bridge on the east side of OH 13 on the south side of Mt. Vernon, all taken from the south shore of the Kokosing River.

Various views of the OH 13 bridge over the same river, still from the south shore. They each have their merits.

The former railroad station right there, just southeast of the bridges.

This is also right there. What is it?

Looking north across the river, and when I get there, there's a gate at the turn for OH 13 NB to Gay St. to close off Main St. as needed. But when would that ever be needed besides the odd annual parade, which could just function with a few barricades? Maybe it's just there to hold up the old arrow.

Old street signs at the corner of OH 13 NB and OH 229.

Main St. NB (former OH 13) where it meets OH 3/US 36 in downtown Mt. Vernon.

OH 229 is the bottom shield, and there's a four-way concurrency to the left. With this much confusion, who needs directional banners? Notice the ugliness of US 36.

OH 13 SB is only on those other three routes for a very short time (and the NB side never joins them, using Chestnut St. instead). Mulberry St. SB meets them all and picks up OH 13 at these signs one block west of Public Square. Both OH 229 shields are errors, but you'll only catch the second one by comparing it to the other shields above it.

The next 5 photos are courtesy Doug Kerr and northbound.

OH 95 EB, beginning the run.

Through a very unusual truss bridge leaving Bellville with the short OH 97 duplex. What makes it unusual are the curved upper members, which do nothing to increase clearance (since there are no shoulders) and don't do much structurally either, but they look very pretty. As you can see, they brace the bridge with a pair of zigzags.

Closeup of the bridge plaque that's a little visible in the first photo.

North of Bellville, OH 13 breaks away from its old alignment and then comes upon this scene, where the divided highway resumes after having died north of Fredericktown (where we started on OH 95). Nearly ten miles of four-lane highway would be needed to bypass Palmyra and Bellville and connect the two pieces, but then traffic wouldn't get to enjoy this bridge. Maybe in 2035 when this bridge finally starts to deteriorate (if even then - it looks quite sturdy), it will be time. This stretch ends in Mansfield, where it would be really nice to connect it somehow to US 30, or to at least have some sort of western bypass.

Closing with my photos in Mansfield from the central square with U-turn opportunity to where OH 13 SB bears left off of US 42. Old gantries, old shields, and spare US 42s in case you miss the first one.

US 250 and OH 13/US 250

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