Ohio Roads - OH 125/OH 32

OH 125 and OH 125/32

Eastern Ave. WB in Cincinnati, alongside US 50, at the beginnings of OH 32, 125, and 561, courtesy John Krakoff. To get to OH 561, you would have had to make a right on Linwood Ave. This turn here joins the ramp from 50 EB to OH 32/125 EB. For the record, Eastern Ave. is old US 50 itself.

EB on the short concurrency that gets things going, first photo courtesy John Krakoff.

Continuing EB from Withamsville to Bethel, with a faded but embossed sign for Burke Athletic Area. They now make a graphic for "left lane ends"! And have for decades.

WB at OH 133, lacking the required crosswalk.

All remaining photos are eastbound.

From Bank St. in Hamersville to Main St. in Georgetown, the old US 68 junction. Looking north up High Street, there's a view of the 1898 Grant Avenue School.

The Main St. corner features the Georgetown United Methodist Church.

OH 125 was realigned to T into US 68 when the latter bypassed Georgetown, leaving the old alignment ahead as access to Hillman Ridge Rd.

If you thought the US 68 shield at the OH 125 junction was ugly, wait till you see the ones on 68 itself.

Across US 62 in Russellville to the dead-end Buchanan Rd. on the north side of OH 125.

I had to double back when I realized I'd seen this original bridge over Northwest Fork Eagle Creek. For you. Because you're special.

Original OH 125 until it comes back to the former crossing of unforked Eagle Creek. The Mail Pouch ad would not have been repainted in decades, and shows what's probably 1940s or 1950s vintage painted over something much older.

EB leaving the OH 41 concurrency.

OH 41 and OH 125/41
Onto OH 32 alone

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