Ohio Roads - OH 11

SB signage run down the US 30 ramp. Is it that much cheaper to remove every button copy letter from a sign and patch over each element than to just order a new sign? It sure looks cheap.

Next set of SB signs.

Remaining SB button copy north of Youngstown, photographed through the snow. I'm quite happy that Tibbetts-Wick Rd. happens to be included.

The rest of the photos are northbound and all except two are courtesy Doug Kerr.

Mahoning CR 18, Mahoning Ave., EB west of Youngstown. This is where Doug started his northward journey.

First stop is the complex directional-ramp interchange between OH 11, I-80 (which takes on 11 to the northeast), and I-680 (which begins here). The 11-80 flirtation is just four miles long, and is on the I-80 page linked at bottom. First and third photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

The left exit is because OH 82 starts to bypass Warren from this point. The OH 82 divided highway also extends east to Sharon, but the NB-WB movement is a popular exit from Youngstown. The "USE" is not meant to be used here. Old OH 82 is just to the north, but has no interchange with OH 11.

Plenty more button copy, and then a unique situation. The rest area north of US 322 is on the southbound side, but rather than have an overpass for northbound traffic, the freeway allows direct left turns to and from the northbound side, across the southbound side. Since there are no other grade crossings on OH 11, I wouldn't call this a temporary end to the freeway, but rather an exception to the "rule" - not that roads ever have to follow rules, but the more they do, the less driver expectation is violated. A grade crossing on a freeway certainly violates driver expectation. (That means accidents.)

OH 46 NB joins the ride for the remainder of OH 11. Old OH 46 continues as CR 25, still called State Rd.

The bottom of this otherwise normal cloverleaf is cut off by Carson Rd., and for some reason the NB-EB and EB-SB ramps can't bridge it separately but must come in at a 90-degree angle.

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