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OH 10

OH 10 EB, from US 20 east until it joins I-480. Things seem a little out of order here, so let's review exits: US 20/OH 57: No number, which you'll see below. OH 83: Exit 3. I-480: No number, but OH 10 WB is Exit 1 from I-480. Then OH 10 uses I-480's Exit 2 to exit the freeway. Can you think of a less confusing way to do this? I sure can: eliminate the numbering of Exit 3. The MUTCD recommends but does not require exit numbers for non-Interstate freeways, and is this ever a case where engineering judgment ought to prevail.

NB on the connector road at Exit 3. The interchange isn't at OH 83 itself because that highway was supposed to be relocated onto this road, which is secretly designated OH 83C.

Connector road SB.

Back west to the end of the road.

As soon as OH 10 exits I-480, you have the option to get back on the way you came. This is probably the fastest way to head west, though Lorain Rd. (old OH 10) behind me is the only way to head east on I-80.

WB at this interchange. I-480 WB is only signed as I-80 here, even though it's actually signed as "I-480 to I-80" on the mainline where it heads to the toll plaza to end.

I don't see any bolts on this WB assembly at Stearns Rd. Something is fastening all of these to each other and the pole.

WB over the 1935 Lorain Rd. Viaduct crossing the Rocky River.

More westbound photos, at West Blvd. and probably 130th St. West Blvd. is only good for I-90 WB.

Eastbound photos of the Art Deco pillars on the 1932 Hope Memorial Bridge, named for sculptor Harry Hope in 1983 after decades of being the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. I like this renaming, because the sculptures are pretty cool. Not only are they very much in the Art Deco fashion, but each one is carrying a different vehicle. They're called the Four Guardians of Traffic, although opposite sides of the same Guardian are holding different cars, going back as far as the stagecoach era.

Driving west across the bridge, starting at the former Fire Station #28 that was built before the bridge in 1926. It's now a fire museum.

Just before OH 10 ends at US 422/OH 8/OH 14/OH 87, it has an onramp to I-90, but not in June 2013. (Ohio likes to have all of its routes end at each other in downtown Cleveland, instead of just ending them at each other naturally.)

The best that I can see the underside of the Hope Memorial Bridge from behind the fence on Huron Rd. The other bridge blocking the view is the 1931 Eagle Ave. Bridge, which is permanently raised because Eagle Ave. is long gone.

Here's a better view of Hope Memorial Bridge looking south from the railroad bridges along Carter Rd., with I-90 behind it.

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