Ohio Roads - MLK Jr. Drive, Cleveland

Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Rockefeller Park, Cleveland

All photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

There are four bridges across Rockefeller Park, and they were all designed by one Cleveland architect. In this northbound progression, the first bridge (Wade Park Ave.) has the sidewalks together with the road, the second bridge (Superior Ave./US 6) adds Doan Brook to the next arch over, and finally the third bridge (St. Clair Ave.) separates the sidewalks into their own mini-arches.

I did say four bridges, so here's the last one, actually a railroad bridge; the traffic signal is for Broad Ave. There are plenty of connections to MLK, Jr. Drive, but no interchanges, to preserve the character of the park. Failure to keep right will put you onto Lake Shore Blvd., which becomes OH 283.

The I-90/OH 2 bridge isn't nearly as scenic, but it has button copy on it.

N. Marginal Rd. WB from MLK, Jr. Drive, and 72nd St. SB at the same spot. Although the simplest way onto I-90/OH 2 WB is at the loop ramp in the previous two photos, turning left takes traffic quickly to the next exit.

Tying the Marginal Rd. photos into this page, these are on N. Marginal Rd. EB at MLK, Jr. Drive.

Heading southward past I-90 and through the four historic bridges.

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