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Misc. Routes

This embossed Township Route sign is in my collection. At least, I think it's a Township Route, but it says Wayne Co. on it. Even though this isn't a state sign, that is an old font regardless of where you see it.

US 250 NB entering Norwalk.

A few more town signs, OH 320 NB and then two in a row on OH 661. Both. Northbound. Mind blown yet?No? Good, that's an overused meme.

Courtesy John Krakoff.

OH 656 SB and the next route it comes to, OH 521 WB, nearing Delaware.

Remaining photos are courtesy Doug Kerr.

OH 117 EB through Spencerville and on to Lima, where after crossing I-75 it breaks away from OH 309 on its way past the Airport (first destination) toward Bellefontaine (second destination). Even at this resolution, I know button copy when I see it.

OH 307 EB hits a multiplex, and OH 167 gets milepost 0 on the same assembly. Ohio likes to do the NORTH-SOUTH-one-assembly setup, and it also likes to distort the state outline so that the northwestern and northeastern corners are at the same latitude. They're not even close. This was a problem with old signs, but old habits clearly die hard. And new habits, like stretching the Ohio outline for the OH 46 shield to match the three-digit routes, had better die soon.

In much of Ohio, County Roads and Township Roads perform similar functions - it's just a question of maintenance. So it should come as no surprise that they both are signed with similar-looking squares no matter what the county or township (and there is no Wads, that's Wadsworth). In addition to the color schemes seen here, there's a green one on the OH 18 page.

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