Ohio Roads - Maryland Ave., Cincinnati

Maryland Avenue, Cincinnati

Looking down from the top of Price Hill. This steep hill on Maryland Ave. has only been cut off for a short distance between houses, but anything's enough to prevent through traffic. The newer Warsaw Ave. uses the next gap over in the hill and descends at a slightly more gradual rate to the waterfront. Notice the curb cast into the roadway - your guess is as good as mine as to when that was put in, presumably preventing downhill traffic (the more dangerous direction) before the road was completely closed.

NB looking up Price Hill from the next open section. It's a long drive up here from Warsaw Ave. as the road continually narrows past a number of hillside houses.

Heading back down to Warsaw Ave. and looking across at another abandoned stretch of Maryland Ave. That one dropped straight down to US 50 along the Ohio River; traffic is now supposed to use State Ave. (OH 264) to accomplish that move. I don't think the hill ahead is all that bad, but the first drop from Warsaw Ave. is a bit of a doozy, which means that cars would have problems approaching the intersection from Maryland Ave. NB and could scrape themselves heading SB.

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