Ohio Roads - Lane Ave. Bridge

Lane Avenue Bridge, Columbus

Crossing the Olentangy River east onto Ohio State University's campus. Okay, I'll admit to being a little confused as to what's going on here. How many cables were the towers built for? Is there something wrong here, from an engineering standpoint, or was this an intentional intermediate step? Why would there be an intermediate step? This is the middle of a college campus, not a future Interstate. If the design accidentally called for twice the number of cables needed, I'd be leery of what else may have been done wrong.

Apparently Franklin County is good at overbuilding small bridges with poor engineering. While a case can at least be made here that Lane Ave. is a gateway to the school campus, there are other ways to add flair to the top of the bridge without coming up with a complicated and expensive design. In fact, a lot of architectural beauty could have been designed for the price of the cable-stayed idea, one that failed badly by still requiring a pier in the middle of the river.

Back west from Ohio State. I guess the bridge is okay, since we survived.

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