Ohio Roads - Ironton


Park Ave. SB from 9th St. to 3rd St., each photo looking up at the next numbered street.

Park Ave. NB from 5th St. to 8th St. I spent a little more time at 6th St., with three consecutive photos from there. Someday, text pedestrian signals will be considered classic.

This is all one signal, 2nd St. at Vernon St. I just wanted to show off the yellow light.

The parking lot is in the southeast corner of 2nd/Vernon Streets and then I look north at the brick block of Vernon St. from there.

Zoom lens shows off old signals on Vernon St. NB at 3rd and 4th Streets.

The stop sign is on Monroe St. NB at 2nd St. The "straight ahead" sign is on Adams St. NB at 2nd St. coming off of the Ironton-Russell Bridge. It's for some kind of traffic - I don't think it said "TRUCK" - to US 52, which should make the next left on 3rd St. to get to Park Ave.

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