Ohio Roads - I-90 (W. of OH 2)/I-80

I-90 and 80/90 west of OH 2 (Exit 174)

WB on the Ohio Turnpike (I-80/90) courtesy Bill Donovan. The same errors are repeated twice. The street name should just be spelled out in plain text, not reversed so it's impossible to see (and the smaller font size does not help). And "Exit Only" should only be used when there is an existing lane that exits. Yes, every exit is only an exit, but the right lane does not have Exit as its Only choice.

Westbound in 1976 courtesy Michael Summa. That's the pointiest cutout I've ever seen. The US 250 exit may have been Exit 10 at the time of sequential numbering. Now these are 118, 59, and 13.

On the Exit 71 ramp, courtesy John Krakoff.

At the end of the Exit 81 ramp at OH 51, the 1/2 amuses me. Just put the arrow.

The first set of WB photos on this page, courtesy Doug Kerr.

85th St. SB at Exit 167, turning into 84th St., courtesy Doug Kerr. In this part of Cleveland, the grids don't match up on either side of I-90, and there are several streets missing on either side.

Starting off the EB side, first three photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

Westbound down the Exit 167B ramp, leading toward the second photo on the main I-90 page, all courtesy Doug Kerr.

EB past a few more complicated interchange. First two photos are courtesy Doug Kerr, next three and the last two are courtesy John Krakoff.

Among those complicated interchanges, courtesy John Krakoff. The first photo is from Fairfield Ave. at Exit 171.

Westbound starting at Jacobs Field, last photo courtesy John Krakoff and the rest courtesy Doug Kerr except the first one.

The rest of the WB run and on down the Exit 169 ramp, all courtesy Doug Kerr except the last photo and the Exit 169 hospital sign.

EB up to Dead Man's Curve, where I-90 turns an appropriate 90 degrees in a very short space to merge into OH 2, courtesy Doug Kerr. It was not supposed to be this bad, but a crucial link to the west (from what is now only OH 2 to what is now I-90) was never constructed. Had that gone according to plan, Exits 169-171 would all be on the I-490 page, Exits 171-174 would all be on the I-71 page, and the I-90/OH 2 interchange would flow a lot more smoothly.

Looking north along the Cuyahoga River at OH 10/Carnegie Ave. (first bridge) to the truss in back that's on Superior Ave. (US 6/20), again from Doug. The blue truss spans only three lanes; it used to be four lanes in the middle with a spare one cantilevered off either side for a total of six, and the streetcars ran below the bridge (unlike on Pont Victoria in Québec, where they ran on the cantilevered roadways), but freeway construction obviated the need for all those lanes. Thanks to Brian Powell for this information, which gets even more detailed on the US 20 page (where I also have more bridge photos), linked below.

OH 2 and the two I-90/OH 2 duplexes
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Into Indiana on I-80/I-90
Exit 4 (59) to US 20, US 23, or I-475 (Exit 71) to I-280
(Exit 71) to I-75
(Exit 81) to OH 51
Exit 118 to US 250
Exit 167B to OH 10
Exit 170A to US 42
Exit 170B to OH 176
Exit 170B to I-71
Exit 170C to I-490
Exit 171 to US 422
Exit 171 to OH 14
Exit 172A to I-77
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