Ohio Roads - I-90 E. of OH 2

east of OH 2 (Exit 185)


On the link from OH 2 to I-271, with misleading signage - a TO near the I-271 shields would go a long way. The first photo is courtesy John Krakoff, and click on the second photo for a closeup of the pull-through sign also from John. The other photos are courtesy Doug Kerr.

A surface sign courtesy John Krakoff.

4th photo courtesy Doug Kerr and others courtesy John Krakoff.

Button copy nearing the border. Why is Pa lower case? It's just as valid a postal abbreviation as NY.

From the beginning of the state to the bottom of the Exit 241 ramp, next-to-last photo courtesy Dan Garnell and others courtesy Doug Kerr; last photo taken by Brian LeBlanc. See the OIH logo on the I-80 page - the newer rest area sign is lot better at avoiding the "OIHO" reading.

And down Exit 235 next, courtesy Dan Garnell (third photo) and Doug Kerr (the rest).

Continuing onto the Exit 228 C-D road. Courtesy Doug Kerr for ll but the last photo, which came from Dan Garnell.

Now down the Exit 200 ramp, courtesy Doug Kerr.

To explain what just happened: Although I-90 is signed as the through route, here's I-271 popping up its express lanes almost two miles before the actual I-271 exit, and it's a left exit! In fact, 90-271 is the through route from east to south, and I-90 follows a short connector to OH 2. I-90 is really the exit here, not I-271, but the through route gets to assign the exit numbers to the other route. Get ready to count, photos #4-7 and 9-11 courtesy John Krakoff (all of the ones with "w190" in the file name) and others are courtesy Doug Kerr.

On the I-271 to OH 2 segment courtesy Doug Kerr. That truck sure looked hazardous, so it's a good thing he left I-90. The photos for the next 11 miles can be found on the page for OH 2, which is merging in from the right in the last photo, and has a nice big link just below.
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Into Pennsylvania on I-90
Exit 186 to US 20
Exit 187 or 235 to OH 84
Exits 188/190 to I-271
Exit 193 to OH 306
Exit 200 to OH 44
Exit 223 to OH 45
Exit 228 to OH 11
Exit 241 to OH 7
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