Ohio Roads - I-80/OH 11

I-80 and I-80/OH 11

The first cutout Turnpike sign I've ever seen, complete with an arrow that screams 1960s, on Lake Ave. WB at Lorain Ave. in Elyria.

EB at Exit 161 and then the treasure on the combined EB/WB offramp. When the interchange was converted to serve I-71 instead of US 42, most of the original trumpet ramps remained for US 42 service (except as an auxiliary part instead of the main interchange), and this was left on them.

Temporary construction shields (I hope) on the ramp from I-80 to OH 21, Exit 173, courtesy Bill Donovan. The OH 21 interchange is entirely located on the double-trumpet interchange between I-80 and I-77, so these shields could only be useful if construction temporarily closed the 80-77 ramp. Actually, they may have been left there from when the interchange was being constructed, because not too long ago this was just a connection to OH 21 and a few more people had a bit more property in the area.

Mainline state name shields courtesy John Krakoff, pasts Exit 180 and 209 respectively.

EB courtesy Doug Kerr. Rather than spell out Ohio State Route 700 for a green overpass sign, Ohio took the creative and simpler way out.

EB on I-80, where it exits the Ohio Turnpike and thus itself, courtesy Chris Pangilinan; I-76 also exits itself here to continue from PA toward Akron. I-76 was once numbered I-80S due I'm sure to this interchange. The Turnpike is dipping south here, and I-76 goes into Pennsylvania to become the PA Turnpike there, only to exit that near Philadelphia. It then becomes I-276, which soon will become I-95... once that happens, I-95 will exit itself twice heading southbound (New Jersey Turnpike Exit 6, PA Turnpike at I-95 - whatever mile they choose).

Same exact place as the previous photo, but taken in 1979 by Michael Summa. In the old photo you see the old sequential exit numbering of the Turnpike, the official Turnpike shield, and the old-style full-width exit tab.

Westbound at the same interchange; the fourth photo is courtesy Bill Donovan and all the others are courtesy Doug Kerr.

Same spot, again westbound, taken by Michael Summa in 1976. The sign on the left didn't change much from generation to generation, except for gaining a reflective background.

The I-80/OH 11 duplex in the WB (and SB) direction. The 3rd photo is courtesy John Krakoff, the 6th and 9th (out of 10) photos are mine, and the rest are courtesy Doug Kerr. The reason OH 711 is signed in detour colors is because it was under construction at the time of these photos; now it is open as a freeway through Youngstown.

WB courtesy Doug Kerr, as the highway continues past OH 11 and narrows down to one lane with I-680 NB merging from the left (obviously at an incomplete interchange, because WB-SB traffic uses Salt Springs Rd.).

When I went through there in September 2008, I-80 WB was under heavy reconstruction west of I-680. These photos are taken from the vantage point of I-80 WB exiting to OH 46 at Exit 223.

Now some eastbound signs, courtesy Scott Colbert, with a nice old diagrammatic sign and button-copy shields. DuBois, PA, pronounced the most American way possible, should really be on that sign, and I-79 probably shouldn't be.

Insert this after the second photo above. This is I-80 eastbound at Exit 224B and the beginning of I-680 EB, courtesy Bill Donovan. Which arrow is older? Note again (in the background) that New York is the principal destination of I-80 after Youngstown.

Doug Kerr throws his hat into the eastbound ring with these I-80 EB/OH 11 NB duplex photos.

One final mention for Bill Donovan, who took these westbound photos before the ramp to the left opened as a connection to the new OH 711. If you can't see the shields, to the right on OH 11 is an alternate route for I-80 and the upcoming connection onto the Ohio Turnpike.

A westbound run of my photos in this area, with one of John Krakoff's in the middle (the green one) because the main button copy is gone. The only one that's not button copy points to OH 11 NB at Exit 228. Now, I'm well aware of the Alternate I-80 that runs along I-680 to Mahoning Ave., but apparently there's a second one that runs north along OH 11, and probably west on OH 82 to OH 5 and the next Ohio Turnpike interchange.

First photo courtesy John Krakoff and the rest are Doug Kerr's photos, all westbound. The Exit 234 ramp photo (guess which) was taken by Brian LeBlanc.

Eastbound in 1979, courtesy Michael Summa. The reason EAST and WEST are displaced is that US 62 had been signed N-EAST and S-WEST. Only Ohio ever figured out how to deal with diagonal routes, and sadly rather than lead the other states, Ohio became a follower.

The first is the welcome sign that hangs or hung over I-80 WB upon entering Ohio. The second appears to read "OIHO", but is actually OIH and a well-placed logo, in the welcome center parking lot.

Onto I-90 and I-80/90
Exit 224/224A or 228 to OH 11 alone

Into Pennsylvania on I-80
Into Indiana on I-80/I-90
Exit 161 to I-71
Exit 161 to US 42
(Exit 173 to) OH 21
(Exit 173) To I-77
Exit 218 to I-76
Exit 224B or 226 to I-680
Exit 227 to US 422
Exit 234 to US 62
Exit 234 to OH 7
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