Ohio Roads - I-77 NB - S. of Akron/US 250 WB

south of Akron, I-77 NB/US 250 WB

I believe these signs are in the welcome center, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Both of them probably date to the 1970s, although the blue sign uses the FHWA font for "77", unlike the older I-71 sign I found.

Found some button copy on the part of I-77 shared with US 250 WB around Dover, on down the Exit 87 ramp to stay on US 250.

Stocker Ridge Rd. over I-77 south of Exit 65 (US 36), courtesy Doug Kerr.

Last photo is courtesy John Krakoff.

The last photo is, of course, on the Exit 118 ramp. The arch is on Dressler Rd.

The last photo is courtesy Doug Kerr on Arlington Rd. NB at I-77 Exit 120.

Now entering Akron, first two photos courtesy Scott Colbert and the last on the frontage road serving Exit 123B.

I-277 is a cutoff for traffic using I-77 NB to I-76 WB (though this number is low, as I-76 ends at I-71, which either heads back south or practically meets I-77 in Cleveland), and is entirely multiplexed with US 224. These are again courtesy Scott Colbert.

North via Exit 125B to I-76 and I-77/76
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Exit 125A to OH 8
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