Ohio Roads - I-74/US 52

I-74/US 52

One EB photo near Indiana, taken backwards while heading WB.

More EB signs, with the last on the Exit 18 ramp. The two in the middle of this run are courtesy John Krakoff.

Last two in the run, also with US 27 SB. (Notice from above that the Central Pkwy. exit is at the same point as the I-75 junction.)

Now starting WB, ditching US 27 and continuing to the Exit 14 ramp. The 1 mile and ramp signs for Exit 14 are courtesy John Krakoff.

North Bend Rd. NB courtesy John Krakoff.

Continuing WB up to the I-275 triplex (see that page). The penultimate photo was once on the right side of the one before it, but has since been replaced by a newer, non-button copy version. The fourth (Exit 11 itself), sixth (LEFT LANE), and eighth/last photos are mine, and the rest are courtesy John Krakoff.

Finishing up the WB run, all courtesy John Krakoff because they've since been replaced.

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Into Indiana on I-74
Exit 18 or 20 to US 27
Exit 20 to US 127
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