Ohio Roads - I-70/I-71/US 40

I-70, I-70/71, I-70/US 40

Looking north along the Scioto River at the nearly-completed Main St. bridge, to carry US 62/OH 3 EB/NB. I have some more photos on the linked OH 3 page.

I-70 EB, Columbus and west; I-70 EB/I-71 NB
I-70/US 40 EB, east of Columbus

I-70/US 40 WB, east of Columbus
I-70 WB and intersecting roads, Columbus and west; I-70 WB/I-71 SB

OH 158, former temporary I-70

OH 317 SB, just past US 40. Yes, I gave away the location. Go there now. Get this photo. It could be Ohio's last state-named Interstate shield. Click for closeup.

Into Indiana on I-70
Into West Virginia on I-70
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