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I-480 and I-480/OH 10


OH 10 EB leaves the freeway for its original surface alignment on Lorain Rd., but not before I-480 comes in from I-80 and begins. Thus traffic that just left I-80 suddenly has a chance to get back on the toll road (since OH 10 traffic has to get there somehow), and may be left scratching its collective, figurative head. The one-mile guide sign predates the freewayization of OH 10, which means that all traffic just came from I-80, and thus no need for trailblazing. First photo courtesy Doug Kerr, and the Exit 3 advance is on the same gantry as the Exit 2 photo after it.

Button copy where I could find it, a strange way to sign I-71 (try a shield?), and a strange way to sign the OH 237 merge at Exit 11. The right lane is added while the left ramp lane merges into the right freeway lane. I think I'd still use a regular merge sign.

Courtesy John Krakoff (except the windmill) up to the Exit 20 ramp, where the last photo was taken by Bill Donovan.

The last photo is on Transportation Blvd./98th St. NB above the exit and all are courtesy John Krakoff. Notice that the button copy is not continuous around the 3-digit shield, as if the signmaker had never done one before.

Ohio has problems with the concept of EXIT ONLY. Advance warning (like MILE) does not belong inside the yellow banner. And while the arrow should certainly be centered over the lane, the rest of the sign really ought to be centered over the arrow. Of the four Exit 25 photos, the middle two (2nd and 3rd from last) are courtesy John Krakoff, as is the first sign in this run, and the rest are courtesy Doug Kerr. Click on the last photo for a closeup of the left side from John.

First photo courtesy Doug Kerr, second photo courtesy John Krakoff, third photo mine. I'm unhappy with replacing button copy, particularly when it ends up with a mess of Clearview exit tab and Series C and D shields next to each other. At least fix "Pa" to "PA" while messing with something good. To continue eastward, pick up the I-271 page (big link below) for Exits 23 and 21. Incidentally, Exit 23 on I-271 is for OH 14, meaning that traffic from I-480 (which picks up OH 14 for good while on I-271) gets two same-numbered exits for the same highway. That must make giving directions fun.

Taking the left fork, continuing on the freeway that becomes US 422 to the east (422 comes down I-271 from a surface street, also OH 87), all courtesy Doug Kerr. This fork is technically numbered I-480N, but only ODOT recognizes that number and doesn't let it out to play.

These may not be OH 14's miles, but it's nice to see the highway represented on them. The eastern leg of I-480 is all concurrent with OH 14, which continues straight past the end of the freeway. The last photo is a railroad overpass just west of Exit 41, showing potential for a future widening to 3 lanes each way.

All photos courtesy Doug Kerr unless I say otherwise.

Ending on the ramp to I-77.

Approaching the Jennings Freeway (OH 176), again ODOT puts the distance to the exit in the space reserved for EXIT ONLY, but at least gets the rest of the signs right.

Three more from Bill Donovan. The last photo has no button copy, but it qualifies under the "oddity" part of my site. Someone fell asleep as they were laying out that sign.

Last one's mine. I-480 basically exits itself to a toll plaza while OH 10 continues the freeway west to US 20 as far as Oberlin.
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Exit 2 to Lorain Rd.
Exit 10 to OH 237
Exit 11 to I-71
Exit 15 to US 42
Exit 17 to OH 176
Exit 20 to I-77
Exit 23 to OH 14
Exit 25C to OH 8
Exit 25C to OH 43
Exit 26 to US 422
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