Ohio Roads - I-475/US 23

I-475 and 475/US 23

EB at the end of I-475 courtesy Dan Garnell. Because the exit tabs are not button copy, I assume the I-70 "exits" were originally unnumbered as the end of the route.

OH 120, Central Ave., EB up to and at I-475 and then WB in the same spot, courtesy John Krakoff. I specify that OH 120 is Central Ave. for a reason you'll discover shortly.

I-475 WB across Toledo. You see in the first two photos that OH 120 gets no face time on the sign, despite having been there longer than reflective backgrounds. The Exit 16 advance sign is in the Turnpike style, quite out of place here.

Most of the SB button copy on I-475/US 23, up to the junction of consecutively numbered US 23 and 24. Because I-475 is newer than the Turnpike, the interchange remains at US 20 just over a mile to the east. Since I-475 was constructed, development has filled in to prevent that situation from being rectified.

NB button copy remains on the service signs only. There was 2014 reconstruction to widen I-475 through Exit 8 (OH 2) from Wolf Creek to Angola Rd. to be capable of 3 lanes each way, but without any further construction either way, it's just wide shoulders still.

Left and right sides of the road at the Maumee State Scenic River and the last bit of SB button copy.

Onto US 23 alone

Exit 20 to I-75
Exit 203B or 4 to US 24
Exit 18 to OH 51
(Exit 8) to OH 2
Exit 6 to I-90 and 80/90
Exit 6 to I-80 alone
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