Ohio Roads - I-470

Starting with the shield atop the page, these are EB courtesy John Krakoff. Only the overpass (for dead-end Poplar Drive) is left now. There's no other way up the hill, and as much as it seems overkill to provide such an interesting bridge for such a tiny road, it sure looks nice from the freeway.

WB under the same bridge to the end of the long Exit 1 ramp. The corresponding WB onramp allows access to either I-470 or I-70 EB, but 70 WB traffic has to use the next exit to the west (at least it's close).

EB downhill to West Virginia; all the BGS photos are courtesy John Krakoff because all the old signs have sadly been replaced. No idea why the OH 7 exit sign is missing its exit tab, but I don't think it's because the sign predates exit tabs - they all appear to be the same age, and the previous one still has its tab. The old speed limit sign hacked off at its midsection once indicated a 55 MPH limit for vehicles over 4 tons and non-commercial buses. (Gotta let them commercial buses speed - those people paid good money!) Notice how even though I-470 goes through the south of Wheeling, it's signed through to Pennsylvania.

Coming west off the bridge, first with a video and then with two photos contributed by John Krakoff.

Looking north along the Ohio River.

Into West Virginia on I-470
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