Ohio Roads - I-280

Shields above are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

SB at the end of the route, courtesy Bill Donovan except the 2nd and 4th photos. But it's no end at all - it's time to begin 420! (And a chorus of mellow yeas echoes from coast to coast.)

NB starting with OH 420 in the first two photos, which are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

WB at Exit 1B halfway between Hanley Rd. and Latcha Rd. courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Continuing NB, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. Click the first photo for a non-construction version from Lou.

Some more over-the-shoulder SB button copy.

NB up to and off Exit 7.

SB across the Maumee River on the Glass City Skyway. It replaces a drawbridge still used for Exit 10 and local cross-river traffic.

But when I got there in summer 2009, the drawbridge (Craig Memorial Bridge) was closed for upgrades, made possible by having opened the new Interstate bridge.

Yeah, you saw some strange looking shields in the background of the first photo. Front St. WB at Exit 9. Incidentally, while Front St. originally had a complicated partially directional interchange with I-280, grade separation everywhere and left entrances/exits, it looks like Front St. may be returned to a normal street, one or two lanes in either direction.

Sunset views looking northward at the Skyway from Front St.

And across.

I returned the next morning for a daylight video. Click to play.

Courtesy Bill Donovan, ugly shields take over at the NB end of I-280. The I-75 shield in the first photo is a compressed 3-digit shield, a rarity in a nation getting overrun by the opposite trend of bubble shields. The 2-digit and 3-digit shapes were designed differently for a reason, and it's called aesthetics. In the second photo, the I-475 shield is fine, but the numbers aren't.

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