Ohio Roads - I-277/US 224

The WB end of I-277. From here, US 224 gets passed off to I-76 to continue west for the remaining 18 miles of freeway.

Now a run of EB signage taken through the rear window, button copy except the last assembly, which is just strange for a freeway.

WB starting on the combined ramp from both directions of I-77 and ending on the Exit 2 ramp. What happened to the Exit 3 gore? Was it painted by hand without a starting template?

I-277 EB ends at I-77, and US 224 loses its freeway (and Interstate-multiplex) status. Last photo courtesy Bill Donovan.

Onto US 224 alone
Exit 1 to I-76 and 76/US 224

Exit 2 to OH 93
Exit 4 or 1 to I-77
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