Ohio Roads - I-271/I-480

and I-271/I-480

The above photo is courtesy Doug Kerr, as are most on this page (including those taken by Brian LeBlanc). I'll say when they're not.

This one is not. The milepost reveals that the sign is a lie!

NB up the Exit 9 ramp; all but the 2nd photo are mine. The newer Exit 9 sign in the first photo has the correct exit tab alignment but msses up "South."

More NB photos, mine except the 3rd photo. ODOT created Alt. OH 8 from Akron up I-77 to I-271 and gave it all these ugly signs with a bad droop on the Toledo side. I wonder if this had to do with the recently completed OH 8/I-271 interchange reconstruction, and can only hope they're coming down as I type.

All southbound, with a brief diversion down the Exit 19 ramp to show how Ohio groups destinations by direction, instead of having one sign with both directions but fewer destinations. I bet there was once an Ohio Turnpike trailblazer on the I-80 BGS. Second and third photos courtesy John Krakoff.

Continuing south with my own photos, I-271 crosses the Cuyahoga River just north of I-80, seen here. And then there's Blossom. Whoa. Turns out it's a music center, so brown is correct, but the words "Music Center" would help.

SB with I-480 EB; the last two photos are also with OH 14 EB, which then joins I-480 for awhile. Only the second photo is Doug's; the 3rd (blue) photo is mine, the last photo is courtesy Bill Donovan, and the rest are courtesy John Krakoff.

NB/WB on the 3-digit duplex, all the way onto the ramp where it splits - once I-480 stops being Exit 26A, photos continue on the I-480 page via the big link at bottom. In the last photo, there's a space on the left BGS because US 422 was supposed to continue west to OH 14 along the freeway; thanks to Sandor Gulyas for that information.

The express lanes begin just north of the I-271/I-480 northbound/westbound split. Photos end just before US 422 comes on for the ride.

Southbound button copy approaching the end of the express lanes (which, as you can see, prioritize I-480 traffic that continues into Cleveland) and the northern beginning of the I-271/I-480 multiplex. 5th photo (over the express lanes) is courtesy John Krakoff and the last one is mine. In the first photo, Brian LeBlanc took the left half (over the express lanes); Bill Donovan had previously given me a nighttime shot of the entire assembly with the express lanes' I-480/I-271 BGS replaced. Exit 27 does not lead directly onto I-480, but onto an unnumbered connector that is an extension of the US 422 freeway.

More SB photos, starting with one in the express lanes courtesy John Krakoff and down to the BGS-spec cutout US 422 shield on the exit ramp; clearly, this is a popular exit, to have so many advance signs. It would have been even more popular had I-490 been extended east along the OH 87 Shaker Blvd. corridor at least this far. Click on the third and fourth photos (the last two on the freeway itself) to see larger versions of the pull-through signs from Bill Donovan; the Exit 29 signs have been replaced.

The last set of SB photos; the second and third photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

My photo of the non-button copy Exit 34 replacement still has the curious "1 Mile" in yellow without "EXIT ONLY".

NB, last photo taken by Brian LeBlanc.

Onto I-480 alone

Exit 9 to OH 176
Exits 9-10 to I-77
Exit 18 to OH 8
Exit 18 to I-80
Exit 18 or 19 to OH 82
Exit 21 or 23 to OH 14
Exit 27 or 29 to US 422
Exit 34 to US 322
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