Ohio Roads - I-270 CCW - WB, SB, EB (N., W., S. legs)

I-270 counterclockwise - Westbound, southbound, eastbound
(north, west, south legs)

The first two photos are courtesy Doug Kerr as we round the corner from NB to WB, showing a lack of "EXIT ONLY" banner and the presence of construction. I bet those two facts are related, as my third photo (same sign as one of the first two) has a pretty poor patch job. The multi-arrowed last sign was that way in Doug's photos, although obviously not the original appearance given the white button copy bottom border.

The third photo is courtesy Doug Kerr.

Looking back east as I enter from Cleveland Ave. NB at Exit 27. For whatever reason, there was never a WB-SB loop built, leaving 7 out of 8 direct movements and one left turn from the WB-NB ramp to fill in the missing movement. Consequently, there was no need to construct a continuous westbound C-D road, although it was still built to merge NB and SB entering traffic before they get to meet I-270 WB. This stub faces the WB offramp, and would be paved through to that point (and the barrier to the right extended) if the SB loop is ever built.

The third photo and the last two photos are courtesy Doug Kerr, ending on the Exit 26 ramp.

Continuing west from there, second photo courtesy Bill Donovan. Dayton replaces Indianapolis on the Exit 23 frontage road (Exit 23, US 23, and unfortunately nothing left in button copy attesting to that), which was a smart move, and then the extra SOUTH was added to show that both lanes will lead to OH 315 freeway into Columbus. OH 315 is nothing special to the north.

Turning from west to south, and ending on the Exit 13 ramp. Intersecting roads name either direction of I-270, but once you're on the freeway, all you see is control cities.

Ending on the Exit 8 ramp.

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

The end of the exit numbers wraps around to the beginning to avoid Exit 0.

The last two photos are on the left and right sides of the same gantry. Because there's only one ramp exiting the freeway, Ohio typically doesn't sign the exits A-B, but it would definitely lend clarity in this instance.

On the Exit 52 EB C-D road, sporting an old shield that somehow escaped the replacement bug.

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Exit 29 to OH 3
Exit 27 to OH 710
Exit 26 or 55 to I-71
Exit (23) or 52 to US 23
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