Ohio Roads - I-270 CCW - NB (E. leg)

I-270 counterclockwise - Northbound (east leg)

Through trickery, the last "two" photos are really one photo!

Ohio doesn't sign A-B exits on C-D roads (yes, attempted roads pun), leading to a sudden lack of exit tab within sight of the freeway mainline. For further confusion, the exit gores both show the exit number. "Take Exit 46 to US 33" would not be the best directions to give.

Left and right sides of the same gantry. If I can capture the resolution, why not share it with you?

Again, left and right sides of the same gantry.

Wait, now all of a sudden it's okay to sign the lettered exits? What's so special here? I expected two Exit 33s and two Exit 31s.

Three exits, no numbers. Much better, by which I mean much worse. Exits 39C-B-A, in any other state (well, NYSDOT might try E-W-A, but they'd be wrong).

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry, and just before them, I pass through the future Technology Center Drive overpass. Hey, technology equals progress!

Last two photos, left and right sides of the same gantry, you know the drill.

Signs along the Exit 35 ramp as it curves away. No exit numbers, you know the drill.

These are on the left and right of the same gantry. Why is Morse Rd. tacked onto the I-270 BGS and why are Exits 33 and 30 lumped together? Read on. I'll tell you here that the squished "30" is because this was briefly signed as "30B" during OH 161 interchange reconstruction. I presume the closed Exit 30A was for OH 161 WB, but I'd have no way of knowing because Ohio doesn't sign its A's and B's.

Again, the last two photos are on the same gantry, but with a twist - the first is over the mainline lanes, and the second is over the C-D lanes for Exits 33 and 30.

If it says Exit 32, it's on the mainline. If it says Exit 33 or Exit 30, it's on the C-D road. That, and the last two photos are on the left and right sides of the same gantry (all over the mainline). This is a confusing area, obviously Easton (and that's the Easton Way overpass), which is really part of Columbus; Easton is just the name of the nearby mall. The NB exit for OH 161 EB flies over and around the Exit 32 diamond interchange, also taking Exit 33A traffic from Easton Way, and gives Easton Way traffic one chance to get back on I-270 before leaving for OH 161. That means that Easton Way can't use I-270 to get to Morse Rd., nor can Morse Rd. get to OH 161 EB. The SB side is similar, preventing OH 161 EB from accessing Morse Rd. and Morse Rd. from accessing Easton Way. The interchange spacing looks more than adequate to abandon this setup and just go with a standard, full-access freeway. Apparently (thanks to Sandor Gulyas for the information), as the more cynical may have guessed based on the self-importance of placing a mall name on an overpass railing, the reason was political on behalf of the Easton Way interchange and associated Easton development.

Last photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

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