Ohio Roads - I-270 CW - SB (E. leg)

I-270 clockwise - Southbound (east leg)

Wait, just what state is this again? This is the SB Exit 30 ramp to OH 161 EB, and the same sign is also on the NB exit ramp and 161 EB itself. I promise you, you'll be disappointed.

These signs are on the mainline. While I'm there, the following signs are on the SB C-D road:

The last photo here is on the right side of the same gantry as the last photo of the previous run (Exit 35A). Basically, an elaborate and expensive system was set up to prevent traffic from Exit 32 accessing either Exit 30 or Exit 33. Why? A bunch of rich people who like their "Easton" development and don't want the east side mucketymucks mucking it up (it's what they do best). Exit 33 is signed for Easton, which doesn't exist; what does exist is Easton Way and a shopping center. The Exit 33 overpass, which you can see on the corresponding counterclockwise page (see link at bottom), is also labeled "Easton." So incredibly pretentious of them. I can at most see a weaving issue if Exits 32 and 33 were connected, but that's why C-D roads were invented! There's absolutely no justification for separating Exits 32 and 30.

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

And these two photos are on the SB C-D road, naturally without exit numbers to separate the ramps because they're all of four feet away from the mainline instead of directly on it.

See if you can follow along. There are seven photos here, and the first one is blue. The remaining six photos constitute three gantries. Each pair of photos is the left and right sides, respectively, of each gantry. Got it? Care at all? The answer to both is probably the same. I'm sure you noticed the state of disrepair of the sign's lettering, though.

All of these are on the shared Exits 41-43 C-D road, and then the last two photos are on the left and right sides of the gantry over those lanes.

That's it for the fruitfully button-copied C-D road. I cheated the third photo together from a gantry too widely spaced to fit in my self-imposed width limit without making the signs smaller.

I-270 CW enters Columbus twice on the east leg. Did you catch both corporate limits?

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