Ohio Roads - I-270 CW - WB, NB, EB (S., W., N. legs)

I-270 clockwise - Westbound, northbound, eastbound
(south, west, north legs)

Starting off westbound on the south leg, last photo courtesy John Krakoff.

There is a C-D road as I-270 ends and begins (milepost-wise), meaning that there are no exit numbers for individual I-71 exits. The first two photos are courtesy John Krakoff, and you can click on the last photo for a closeup of the I-270 shield (and the whole sign, actually), also courtesy John Krakoff. Before Dayton, Sandor Gulyas tells me the sign said "Indianapolis." I like "Dayton" much better.

Courtesy John Krakoff, except for the Exit 5 gore (4th photo) and the last two photos.

First photo courtesy John Krakoff, and onto the Exit 8 C-D road for the last four photos. When Ohio isn't leaving off exit tabs completely, it gives them the same number. This is just a little confusing.

The third, fifth, and sixth (out of 7 total) photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

The rest of the NB photos to the northwest corner of the loop. The first and third photos are mine, and the rest are courtesy John Krakoff. (When you have photos this good, why substitute inferior retakes?)

Exit 23, US 23, and twice so at the exit, but not at all on the C-D road.

Old signs get new arrows when lanes are added. OH 710 is signed "north" from this exit, but quickly turns left (west) and then heads south for over a mile before ending. The route really should be signed east-west, but given that the other north-south leg is signed N/S, signing this end as the opposite N/S is horrible. The route has two NB beginnings and two SB ends, and it's barely 3 miles long. Second photo is courtesy Bill Donovan.

The last three photos are on the C-D road in a bizarre interchange where I-270 EB has the onramp before the offramp in a sort of half-cloverleaf setup (but with all movements). The ramps are high-speed to and from the north, heavily favoring the development up that way in Westerville.

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Exit 52 or 23 to US 23
Exit 55 to I-71
Exit 7 to US 40
Exit 8 to I-70
Exit 13 to Cemetery Rd.
Exit 17 to US 33
Exit 17 to OH 161
Exit 22 to OH 315
Exit 27 to OH 710
Exit 29 to OH 3
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